Church Life



The oversight of faithful elders is one of the great blessings Christ has given to his church. At First Presbyterian Church, our elders oversee our mission efforts and support our mission partners through the work of three committees which oversee the church’s missionary partners and provide recommendations to the Session:

  • Mission to the World (MTW)
  • Mission to North America (MNA)
  • Mission to Jackson (MTJ)

For more information about our philosophy of ministry and the theological commitments that shape our vision for mission at home and around the world read the Fifteen Talking Points.

Core Commitments

As Christians, it is our calling to be faithful to Christ and obedient to the Great Commission. Our hearts’ desire and prayer to God is that, through our efforts, all over the world many would receive and rest upon Christ alone as he is offered to them in the gospel.

This calling rests upon five core commitments:

The Gospel

We are committed to preaching and proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with biblical fidelity and passion. Getting the gospel right, and keeping the gospel central is the non-negotiable foundation of our vision for the spread of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the United States and around the world.


We believe in the universal church, and seek to practice the kind of partnership in ministry that the true gospel creates. Building and celebrating dynamic partnerships in mission with churches, church planters, mission-sending agencies, and missionaries is a vital component in fulfilling our vision for mission around the world.

Church Planting

We believe that the church is the immediate goal of mission and the only divinely ordained instrument for the spread of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ around the world. We are therefore deeply committed to the work of selecting, supporting, sponsoring, and sending church plants and church planters.


As a church, the Lord has blessed us with rich personal, spiritual, and material resources, and we believe that part of our calling is to make use of those gifts wisely and in humility in service of the spread of the gospel. We therefore seek to be deliberate in creating opportunities for short and longer-term mission involvement for the whole congregation.


While we believe the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, we also believe that the Lord calls us to seek His blessing on gospel ministry. We make it our habit to constantly remember our missionaries, their families, and their ministries Lord’s Day by Lord’s Day, at our weekly congregational prayer meetings, as a church staff, in Sunday School, and in many other venues on a regular basis.