Having a ministry of music in the church dates all of the way back to the time of King David in the Old Testament era. At the direction of the Holy Spirit he established a music ministry that employed several thousand persons who were gifted for music. Leaders were appointed who were accountable to the King himself. They organized and trained those who served the Tabernacle and, later, Temple ministries, so the music of worship would be done skillfully, reverently and inspiringly.

Principles of Our Music Ministry

With the sound principles of that ministry, and the wonderful model that heavenly worship offers us, we affirm that:

  • Our ministry is to provide musical leadership of the church family in the worship of God (1 Chronicles 25:1).
  • We are to assist in the mutual exhortation and encouragement of one another through spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:1920Colossians 3:16).
  • We are to provide training for all ages in church music so all individuals and ensembles will be well prepared for ministry (1 Chronicles 15:2225:7).
  • We are to be a ministry of the church through which those gifted for music can exercise their gifts for the benefit of the church family. (1 Corinthians12:7-1114:26).
  • We should keep before us the importance of glorifying God rather than ourselves in our music making.