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Side by Side is our Marriage Ministry, aimed to minister with God’s Word at the place where married couples live – in a beautiful but broken world. At First Pres we believe that the institution of marriage is one of the primary contexts God has designed to prepare us for glory, where we will be holy and without blemish. For this reason, we want to be a church that cheers couples on, refreshes their souls, and points them to the God who will not let them go.

We understand that marriage is a demanding and difficult institution – it brings with it some of our greatest joys, and some of our deepest sorrows. And so, whether you would rate your marriage as a 9/10 but still long for more or you are in the dark night of your marriage and don’t know where to turn or you are engaged and preparing for marriage, Side by Side has something for you. We will provide teaching programs, retreats, and times of refreshment for couples to receive strength and support, to turn back to one another, and to rediscover the vision that God has for your marriage, side by side.

Marriage Seminar 2021

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