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Adult Sunday School

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Adult Sunday School

College & Twenties

College Class
Location: Study Center 215
Teachers: James Post and Cory Brock
Topic: The Gospel of John

Young Adults Class
Age: 20s
Location: Patterson Hall
Teacher: Cory Brock, Daniel Tortorici, & Billy Dempsey
Topic: A Renewed Church

Thirties, Forties, Fifties

Light House Class
Age: Late 20s – 30s
Location: Study Center 313
Teacher: Gary Sinclair
Topic: Gamechangers: Key Theologians of the Past

Providence Class
Age: 30s – 40s
Location: Study Center 314
Teacher: FPC Pastors
Topic: Testimony Series

Salt & Light Class
Age: 30s – 40s
Location: Study Center 211
Teacher: Neil Witherow
Topic: Psalms, Jesus, & the Character of God

Cornerstone Class
Age: 30s – 50s
Location: Miller Hall 203
Teacher: Wiley Lowry & Billy Dempsey
Topic: Wisdom & Vanity of Midlife

Stewards Class
Age: 40s – Early 50s
Location: Study Center 213
Teacher: Ric Cannada
Topic: Covenant Theology

Fifties, Sixties, Seventies+

Covenant Class
Age: 50s – 70s
Location: Westminster Hall 202
Teacher: Jerry Everitt (October) & Tony Doggett

Life Learners Class
Age: 50s – Early 60s
Location: Study Center 210
Teacher: Ed Hartman
Topic: Evangelism

Pilgrims Class
Age: 50s – 60s
Location: Miller Hall 205A
Teacher: Josh Shideler & David Felker
Topic: Glorification

Lamplighters Class
Age: Late 50s – 60s
Location: Study Center Company Room
Teacher: Paul Chinchen
Topic: The 10 Commandments: Inscribed by the Hand of God

Young Seekers Class
Age: 60s – 70s+
Location: Miller Hall 205B
Teacher: Bill Lash
Topic: Haggai & Malachi

Ladies Bible Class
Age: All Ages
Location: Parlor
Teachers: Carolyn Heidelberg, Christine Gilbert, & Frances Holman

Special Friends Class

Special Friends Class
Age: All Ages
Location: Study Center M120 (First Floor)
Contact: Betsy Chestnut