Our Mission

First Presbyterian Church of Jackson exists to glorify God by making disciples in our neighborhood, our communities, and the world.

What we must do…

“To glorify God”

Our primary purpose and deepest joy (WSC Q&A 1) is the worship and exaltation of the Triune God of the Bible. In a narcissistic age, we exist to make much of God, seeking in all things to be, and to gather, true worshippers.

How do we do it…

“by making disciples”

We purpose to reach, win, grow, equip, and deploy God’s people for the propagation of God’s glory throughout the world.

Where we have been called to do it…

“in our neighborhood”

In His providence, God has placed us on the corner of North State and Pinehurst Streets, in mid-town Jackson. We resolve to be good neighbors and gospel witnesses in the neighborhoods around our church campus (Belhaven, Mid-Town, and Fondren).

“our communities”

We draw members and visitors from the entire metro-Jackson area. We will continue to make disciples in our city by equipping believers to live for Christ in their homes, their workplaces, and in their neighborhoods across our region.

“and around the world.”

North America: With a renewed focus on church planting in North America, we will make disciples across our country by establishing new churches and supporting, sending, and serving church planters and campus ministers.

Globally: There remain approximately 7,400 unreached people groups which comprise more than 42% of the world’s population.* In addition to other mission endeavors, we will begin to pray and work to support and establish gospel churches with special attention on the unreached.

(*source: https://joshuaproject.net/resources/articles/has_everyone_heard)